Three steps For a successful charity stream

You have the power to transform lives!


Plan and Promote Your Charity Stream

When planning your charity stream, it is important to plan ahead and identify:

When will the event take place, and how long should I host a stream?

  • Give yourself enough time to build hype within your community and promote your event. We recommend raising funds for 1-3 days, as this adds urgency to your message. Fundraisers lasting more than a week tend to see limited engagement. To Stream [FTW] safely, we request limiting streams to 12 hours or less per day.

What are ways to encourage donations? What milestones and rewards should I give?

  • Find creative ways to have donation milestones trigger hosting giveaways/raffles, create in-game challenges and/or interact with you on your stream. A simple example is for every $100 donation, do a silly dance!

What should be my target goal? How much do I think my community can raise?

  • Be confident and ambitious! The more funds raised, the more impact your community will have.

How should I promote my event?

Sign up at to create your campaign.

  • Tiltify is our streaming donation platform where your viewers donate to Make-A-Wish directly.

Use Tiltify tools to engage your audience.

  • This platform provides tools to trigger milestones and goals during your charity stream.

Connect the Tiltify campaign to your stream tools.


Host the Charity Stream

It is important to keep reminding and encouraging your community to donate throughout the duration of your stream. A few ways to engage your community and encourage donations include:

Customize your stream with our toolkit assets.

  • Use the visual assets provided in our toolkit, including banners, graphics, and overlays, to customize your stream for the fundraiser. You can use wish stories and facts about our organization to remind your audience why you are fundraising.

Sharing the mission of Make-A-Wish and the impact your community will have.

Regularly remind your audience about the fundraiser during your stream.

  • In addition to using bots on your feed, consistently telling people about the charity fundraiser will remind them to donate and inform any new viewers you may have.

Keep pushing past your goal and reach for the stars!

  • You might be surprised to see your event reach a goal so quickly. Keep going with a new goal! The more funds you raise, the more impact your community will have on children with critical illnesses.
  • Keep being confident about reaching a goal, and your audience will respond. It can discourage your audience if you say you doubt you will reach your current/new goal. You've got this - be confident!

For any questions about these steps, please reach out to


Don't Go Alone, Take This!

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